Customer reviews

The product is very good and willing to order more. Keep the good work going.....thanks...!!!   


1.Really I get good result from use neo hair lotion...

Reg: Matar

2.It’s amazing product because really I get my hair back...

Reg: Matar

3.i love it

Reg: Ruth

4.the product is good and the delivery  also good

Reg: hussein mohamed dhaqane

5.I really love this product it’s make my face look healthy glow and younger skin 

Reg: Star pi

6.Hello.I got my hair back only by using NEO hair lotion.

Reg: Robin.

7.Hi, My name is Abdi, i am one of your customer, I have been used your product since September this year almost four month, I really got a lot benefit and changed my hair,My grown ups slowly so this is a good sign

Reg: Abdi

 8.Hi Dear sir, I got my hair back, i am happy and thanks to Neo hair lotion, My life is totally change. Many many thanks.

Reg: Gias.

9.Hi company i have received my order , happy to see original product. Hope it will make me happy

Reg: Jay

10. I really appreciate neo hair lotion am using it for one week and I already see the results is the best

Reg: Killi

11.Hi, your product is superb, its making me white, I always like Loreal Paris's cream

Reg: Jesia

12.Hello i have received my ponds cream, i am happy with it, hope i will buy next, Thank you.

Reg: Monika