About Us




Thai products wholesale BD(TPWSBD) launched in 2018, TPWSBD is the number-one online wholesale shopping destination in Thailand and all over the world. While we may be new to the online shopping world, we have over 5 years of experience in cosmetic and beauty product distribution. Our founders started a wholesale distribution business with a mission to help our customers get the products they needed, when they needed them, at a great price. Now, we honor their legacy by providing that same level of service to our online customers.On time and at a great price!


We’ve always prided ourselves on providing wholesale cosmetic products, beauty products, and baby products to communities everywhere, Also providing baby products and the everyday consumer looking to save more on the products they know and trust.

Now, we’re taking our service to the next level, with distribution facilities strategically located across the BD, allowing us to provide you, the consumer, with over 1000 product and 50 brand. We’re also adding new products every day, in an effort to provide all the wholesale goods customers need to make their lives easier every day. Thai products wholesale BD(TPWSBD) wide variety of high quality, brand name goods at your fingertips.


Whether our customer is a cosmetic shopper in need of a bulk supply of all-purpose women cosmetics,beauty products baby items,Thai products wholesale BD(TPWSBD) can fill your order quickly and easily. It’s all a part of our mission to offer the very best in service, product and value to our loyal customers. With deliveries being shipped via Air,

Our online store offers weekly specials across all of our product lines so that customers can always find a way to get what they need without going over their budget. With Thai products wholesale BD(TPWSBD).

Between our extensive inventory, our great prices, and our dedication to customer service, it is easy to see just what makes Warehouse 115 the number-one choice when it comes to wholesale & foodservice purchasing. So what are you waiting for? Browse our online store and find just the right products for your home, workplace, and everywhere in between.